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This has been prepared primarily for the benefit of new members, to make them feel comfortable with their new surroundings by understanding the priorities on the course, playing times and dress rules. Additionally there are some general reminders on the etiquette of golf and some suggestions on getting to know your fellow members.
At Bexleyheath Golf Club, we are trying "ready golf" in medal, stableford and bogey competitions, in order to speed play.

Priority on the Course

Given the compactness of the course, it is necessary to give priority to the play of certain holes for safety reasons. These have stood the test of time and must always be observed.

  • Priority on the first tee is determined on first come first served basis by placing a ball in the chute (when tee times are not allocated).
  • Players are not allowed to tee off from the 1st if a match approaching the 9th green has a ball on the green.
  • If there is no gap, subsequent matches should alternate
  • The alternate starting hole is the 5th. Players should not start from the 5th if a match playing the 4th has passed the 'pimple'.
  • When matches are simultaneously on the 4th and 9th tees, drives are to be alternated.
  • Players teeing off from the 5th/14th tee must allow players to leaving the 6th/15th tees to cross the 5th fairway.
  • Players on the 6th/15th fairway must allow players on the 8th/17th tees to tee off.
  • Players on the 5th/14th and 8th/17th fairways must allow the players on the 6th/15th tees to tee off if they are able.
  • Play is not allowed from the 18th tee if players are in the valley approaching the 4th/13th hole. The bell should be rung before teeing off and any players who have left the 4th/13th tees having heard the bell should not proceed beyond a line level with the 6th/15th tees.
  • There is a 'bell' on the 13th tee. Once the way is seen to be clear, players proceed to the tee and ring this prior to teeing off to warn those coming down the 5th/14th of the possibility of wayward drives.
  • When present both the Captain and President of the club must be offered priority on the 1st tee.

Playing Times

  • Members can play at any time after 8:00am subject to course closures and competitions although gentlemen members should note that courtesy of the course is given to the ladies section on Saturday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. Similarly gentlemen have the courtesy of the course on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • Bag tags are to be clearly displayed at all times.
  • Green fee guests must be signed in the visitors' book and payment made to the secretary or steward before commencement of play. The receipt supplied should be available for inspection upon request. Only one guest per day may be introduced and the same person cannot be introduced more than four times in any year unless so authorised by the Committee.


  • The enter a competition members must either have a bona fide handicap from a previous club or alternatively have submitted three cards, duly signed by another member, to the handicap secretary for assessment. 
  • Entry sheets are posted at least seven days prior to the competition (nearly all Sundays). A start time sheet is posted and circulated by email prior to the day of the competition. Entry on the day is by signing in at the PSI terminal in the Spike Bar. An entry fee will be taken from your bar card at the same time. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Scores are entered into the PSI terminal upon completion of your round and the card posted in the box provided for the purpose.
  • A 9 hole competition is held on Wednesday evenings in categories 1-15, 16-21 and 22-28 from April to September each year traditionally for midweek members so that they can become accustomed to club life and enjoy some fine fare afterwards although all new members will be made very welcome. This is presided over by the Vice Captain.

Dress Code

Please see the Visitors/Green Fees section of the website for our latest dress code


  • Do not move, talk or stand close to or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke. Unfortunately, land is of a premium at Bexleyheath Golf Club and loud voices can be heard right across the course.
  • In the interest of all, players should play without delay. If you think your ball may be lost, play a provisional before proceeding forward from the tee and declaring the intention to do so - it costs nothing. Do not search for a lost ball for five minutes before calling the following group through
  • Leave the putting green as quickly as possible upon completion of a hole. Do not dither by marking your card or leave your equipment at the entrance to the green.
  • If you lose ground on the group in front, call the following group through. Don't wait to be asked.
  • Please rake bunkers you have played from even if you were unlucky enough to find a footprint!
  • Please replace all divots on the fairway and repair pitch marks on the green (green side up) even if they are not yours!
  • Practice swings on tees at Bexleyheath Golf Club are prohibited, as is walking of the fronts of most tees.

Happy golfing and if in doubt on any of the above please feel free to approach any member of the Committee.

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