Dress Code and Etiquette

The General Committee have relaxed the rules to allow 'smart casual' in the clubhouse and terrace with 'appropriate golfing attire' to be worn on the golf course. 'Smart casual' permits the wearing of smart jeans (no designer ripped jeans) and training shoes. The staff on duty, will govern the interpretation of 'smart casual' and please respect their decision if you are approached

On the Course
The following is for your guidance:
• Shirts which should have a collar, roll neck, or turtleneck should be tucked in to trousers/shorts. Ladies' golf shirts may be worn as designed.
• Trousers - tailored or plus twos or plus fours. Trousers should not be tucked into socks.
• Men's Shorts - to be tailored and worn with socks, which if short must be white. Trainer socks are allowed. No draw string or elasticated waistbands,
• No outside pockets of any description, i.e. cargo type. Shorts should be worn to the knee or just above.
• Ladies' Shorts or Capri Trousers - to be tailored and worn with ankle socks.
• Headgear - to be worn correctly i.e. peaks facing forward.
• Golf Shoes - recognised golf shoes designed and made for the purpose may be worn.

In the Clubhouse and Lounge and Dining Room
Smart Casual attire must be worn at all times in and around the Clubhouse.
• Headgear - All headgear to be removed.
• Smoking - is restricted to the smoking areas outside, this includes e-cigarettes.
• Shirts - Shirts must always be worn tucked into trousers or shorts, with the exception of straight cut shirts designed to be worn outside trousers.
• Shirts may also be worn outside of trousers/shorts on the Patio only.
• Clothing Attire - The wearing of golf clothing is allowed BUT NOT when wet or muddy.
• Tailored Shorts - Tailored Shorts are allowed in the Lounge at any time.
• Golf Shoes - No Golf shoes allowed in the Lounge/Dining room, including those with Pimples and soft spikes.
• Sandals or Shoes - Shoes/Sandals are ok with NO socks. Flip Flops are not allowed.
• Waterproofs - Waterproofs are not allowed in the lounge.
• Hoodies - Not to be worn in or around the club house.

Players are asked to respect and abide by the following:
• Replace divots.
• Repair all pitch marks.
• Level sand in bunkers.
• Not to take trolleys on the tees, greens or their surrounds.
• All competition matches have priority.
• Please keep the course tidy.
• All mobile phones are to be on silent.

Clubhouse Etiquette
The Club should be a place to relax in an atmosphere of harmony and friendship, and where respect is shown to fellow members, guests and staff at all times.Wi-Fi is freely available; however, the clubhouse is designated a “quiet zone” so please switch your devices to silent and be thoughtful to others. Mobile phones should be switched to “silent or vibrate” mode at all times. They can be used discretely for voice calls in all areas of the clubhouse except the lounge, but cannot be used on the golf course except in a medical emergency or as a distance measuring device. It is not allowed to bring take your clubs from the changing room through the clubhouse, please use either the Ladies Door or the Men’s door to the course and walk round.

Changing Facilities
• The clubhouse has every facility required for changing into and from golfing apparel. Changing in the car park is not permitted.

Speed of Play - Policy
For Competition and Casual Golf some pointers to remember…
Encourage ‘Ready, Steady, Golf’– play when safe and ready to do so; not necessarily in order of furthest ball from hole

Play a ‘provisional’ ball if you think there is danger that your first ball maybe lost or not easily found. If you feel that your ball may be lost play a provisional ball, before proceeding forwards.
Remember to always announce that you are playing a provisional ball. The provisional must be demonstrably different from the original.
Look for your own ball before heading over to help others (where practicable).

Keep an eye on the time when you start your search – remember you have a maximum of 3 minutes to search for it. After that the ball is officially lost, so your provisional ball becomes the ball in play.

Leave your bag or trolley near the exit to the green

Mark your scorecard on the next tee, or if you’re first to tee off, play your tee shot then mark the card.
There’s no shame in calling players through and it benefits everyone. The group behind will certainly appreciate it!

If you keep up with the group in front. You cannot be accused of slow play.
Finally, we play golf for fun, not our livelihood, even when we are playing in a competition. However, playing golf is not the same as strolling along a prom; nor is the golf course a place for chatter with players in other groups.
Keep up a good pace when walking between shots and encourage others to do likewise.

The Club does reserve the right to refuse admission to the course and/or or the clubhouse if, in the opinion of a Committee Member or an authorised employee, any individual acts or dresses in a manner which could cause offence or embarrassment to other members and their guests or visitors.

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