Hello Members of BHGC,

Normally at this time of year the club would be buzzing with anticipation of another Christmas celebration. The Ladies would have decorated the club and held their bazaar, the Xmas tree would be up and Carols Sunday would be approaching with the children singing and a lunch afterwards. The Near Year bash would be arranged and there would be a myriad of other smaller events, meetings and lunches being held under convivial conditions.

Not this year I am afraid, the Corona virus has certainly had a severe impact on our ability to provide anything like our normal activities during 2020. Along with many others we are pinning our hopes on the new vaccines that are emerging and hoping that our Government is correct in saying that perhaps by spring we may be able to get back to something like normal.

This year many people have suffered with redundancies, financial hardship and mental illness all of which has made it a very difficult year for them. With this in mind, I would like BHGC to continue our tradition of making a donation to the Royal National Institute for the Blind – this collection is normally undertaken during our Carol Sunday. If you would like to continue this tradition please make a deposit to the club account with a reference of ‘BLIND’ and Julie will arrange for the donation to be made. I am sorry we cannot accept cash.

I would like to commend Robin Bishop, the Committee, our Secretary/Manager Julie and the Greens and Bar staff for the work they have undertaken in this most difficult of years. Managing the Golf Club through the various lockdowns, restrictions and H&S regulations has been far beyond any normal activities associated with a Golf Club. My thanks go to them all.

I do not know what will happen after December 16th when the Government makes its next decision but can I wish you all as Merry and Jolly a Christmas as you can within whatever restrictions are imposed, please keep yourselves and your families as safe as possible so that next year we can really ‘go to town’ and celebrate together.

Merry Christmas

Harry Wanless
President BHGC
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